Qualified Veterinary Surgeon in Aberdeen

Your pets are in safe hands with our veterinary surgeons


We offer a wide range of services to our clients. All services must be paid for at the time. We will help those insured claim back what they can from insurance companies but do not provide direct claims.


Made by appointment only at Dyce and Holburn street, our vets are here to provide our clients and their pets with treatment and advice for a wide range of ailments or injuries. Vets will make calls to owners who are already under their care for advice. These calls are made as and when the vets have time between consults and operations. All consultations take place within our practice as that is where we have the equipment and treatments available. Home visits are not part of our routine care.



Our qualified RVNs run specialised nurse clinics for a range of patient needs such as nutritional advice, Geriatric health checks, Puppy clinics, weight management and Dermatology. They can also carry out nail clips, Anal Gland expression and general Health Checks. These are by appointment only.


Routine procedures such as castration, spays and dental care are carried out at both practices. More major surgical cases such as Orthopaedic procedures, caesarean sections, Foreign body removal, exploratory laparotomy etc are generally carried out at our Dyce practice. We make every effort to have all surgical patients home to their owners the same day. However, those who require overnight care or observation will be transferred to our out of hours partners Vets Now at Kingswells.



Some patients may be admitted for non-surgical procedures. This can be for observation / monitoring of an on-going or emergency condition, Intravenous Fluid therapy, blood tests etc. Your animal may be admitted to either practice. As with surgery, they may be transferred for out of hours care.


All patients who require scans or x-rays will come to our Dyce practice. We can carry our pregnancy scans from weeks and make use of our ultrasound scanner to aid diagnosis of a number of internal conditions. X-rays are taken to aid diagnosis of both skeletal and internal abnormalities. We have one of the most up to date digital x-ray machines and this provides quick and highly diagnostic images. Some images can be forwarded to specialists for further interpretation at a small additional fee.



We have an excellent in-house laboratory which allows to quickly run bloods taken for Haematology ( to let us know more about your pets cell count and level of hydration) , Biochemistry ( Liver and Kidney function as well as electrolyte and enzyme balance), Thyroid checks, and Phenobarbitone checks. We are also able to test for Pancreatitis in dogs, Giardia, Parvo and faecal tests to help check worm burden. We carry out urine tests and are able to check for sediment.

Our imagyst analyser allows us to make use of experts from around the world who help towards a diagnosis from in-house prepared blood smears, fluid samples, Fine Needle Aspirations and impression smears. Results from these can be back to the practice within hours.


Can be provided for those on longer term treatment. They must be approved by a Veterinary Surgeon. Written prescriptions and medication for collection are available. We can only provide 1 MONTH supply for controlled drugs and 3 MONTHS supply for all other medications. Patients on long term medication require regular check ups and this should be done with or without blood checks every 3 months on the advice of the vet.

Brown and white guinea pig


This is a sad and difficult time for owners and we try to help towards the right decision based on quality of life. We will regularly book owners in for a quality-of-life discussion with the vet or vet nurse. Owners do seem to know when the time is right although sadly there are times when animals pass unexpectedly.

Many of our pets go to Balmedie Pet Crematorium and ashes will be returned to the practice so owners can have that final memento of their beloved pet. This can be arranged through the practice and comes at an additional cost paid directly to the crematorium. 


If you are travelling with your pet abroad the details of what you need to do will depend on the country you are going to. It is the owners responsibility to obtain the correct information. Go to www.gov.uk/taking-your-pet-abroad for information.

We can assist with the following:
Rabies vaccinations; Blood tests; Health Checks and Pet Health Certificates.